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Pilgrim Cleaners marshals Over 40 years of experience, along with environmental certifications, with an ample amount elbow grease to brighten your home with an array of professional cleaning services. Pilgrim is staffed with insured housecleaning techs for specialty home and upholstery spruce-up services. Each crew comes equipped with its own solvents and expertise to gussy up your home, apartment or condo readying them for visiting family members, or restoring them even after a wine, cheese, or mud-wrestling party. Pilgrim Cleaners makes your home fresh and new so that you can use your time enjoying your wonderful home, apartment or condo.

Pilgrim Cleaners


Pilgrim Cleaners just cleaned my parents' house and they did a great job! The three employees were friendly and hard working.

Ashley H.

They do a great job! I've been going there for a decade or more and have always been more than satisfied with their services!

Jennifer L.

Very good service and great service and people. Always done a good job with my cleaning

Chris Wallman

To Schedule A Session with Pilgrim Cleaners:

First of all, please start by reading the service agreement tab. Next, complete the form below and print a copy for your records within the window, then click on the SUBMIT button. After you click on SUBMIT, the page and form will automatically refresh. Finally, at the bottom of the page it should tell you that your submission was successful!

When you submit this Book A Cleaning form, we receive an email with your information. Also, we will call you back, usually within 24 hours, to confirm your cleaning appointment window and pricing. In addition, please note that while we cannot tell you the exact time of our arrival, we will give you an estimated time of arrival. Also note that our cleaning rates are based on “worker hours.” Therefore, if we estimate a Cleaning job (at a given rate) based on a total of 4 hours of cleaning,1 worker will take 4 hours, a team of 2 workers will complete the work in 2 hours, or a team of 4 will complete the work in 1 hour. Likewise, a single cleaning worker will complete the work in 4 hours. Moreover, the number of workers affects how long the cleaning crew will be at your location, but does not affect your pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pilgrim Cleaners has been helping people clean their home for over 40 years. We offer flexible schedules and seasoned workers. In addition, we can tailor your cleaning to your specific needs. If you have more questions besides the ones listed, please call today 608-833-9484 or feel free to use our contact form.

How much does the cleaning cost?

Cleaning costs vary depending upon the area. Pilgrim Cleaners will give you a free estimate. In addition, you can call us or email us to schedule an appointment. Also, all jobs are different and require different attention.

Will the same person come to clean our house every time?

99% of the time you will have the same team clean your home. The only exception is if an employee is off that day. Also, the other members of the team will be the same ones as before.

How do I pay for my cleaning?

We appreciate payment on the day of the cleaning. Payment with check, cash or money order should be left on the kitchen counter. Also, returned checks may be subject to a $35.00 additional charge. You can also choose to have a credit card on file with us. In addition, the information is only available to the owner.


Business Hours

Mon - Fri 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sat - Sun Closed


7475 mineral point rd Madison Wi. 53717
Phone Number: (608) 292-0230
Email: info@pilgrim-cleaners.com

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